Senior Photo Shoot Special

2 Fresh Faces
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check out the lovely laura here and the dashing derek here

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  1. ok, so, I have a random Q. Are you, by chance, going to be in town on May 8th? A week from tomorrow. I am having a baby shower in Utah at my parents that day (yours and your moms invite is on the way, I think my mom is dropping off ward invites today) and I was telling Roger (my hubs) last night that I REALLY wish we had a nice camera and that I was good at taking pics cuz this baby shower my sis is putting together is going to be so cute and I really want to remember everything about it. THEN, I told him how I wish Celeste (his sis who has a photography business in Mesa) could come up to take some pics but that wouldnt be possible. THEEEEN, I was like, "AH!! I wonder if Claire could do it?!!??!" Cuz your amazingly wonderful at what you do. Would you be my little hired professional photographer of this baby shower? I will pay you, obviously. Let me know what you think. ITs a come and go, open house, type thing and its two hours long on Sat from 11- 1 with a light lunch served. Think about it and let me know what you think....

    kellyabentley at gmail dot com

    love your face