blah blah and 4 walls

I've noticed I've become a "blah" blogger lately.

You know what I'm talking about, they {we} are a dime a dozen. You may have fallen victim to it's dull ways yourself...

You can predict the posts before they pop up.

she's probably going to talk about "shoes" "boyfriend" "fashion" "finals" {fill in the blank}

{which by the way, none of these are bad blogging topics. In fact, they are some of my favs. But after the 3rd, 5th, TENTH post...they start to get old}

Lately, for me it's been the Sr. Photoshoots.
{any type of photo shoot really...}

I've never been busier with photography {a shoot every day this week?! Some days TWO!}

I really truly can't complain since it's what I love doing.

But I have to admit...I'm having a hard time with TIME MANAGEMENT.

Where are the weeks going?!

Doesn't "TIME" know I have:

a wedding to plan?!
seniors to shoot!? {don't freak...with my CAMERA...}
a new job to somehow fit in my hectic life!? {more on this excitement later}
and probably most {2nd} importantly: WALLS TO PAINT.

yes. you heard me. WALLS TO PAINT. but not just any walls.

the 4 walls that will encompass the 500 square foot {and I'm rounding up...} area B and I will call "home".

Our first home.

the place we begin our lives together the place we will fight over what color to paint the clawfoot tub the place we will kiss each other's faces off the place we will begin our traditionsthe place we will fall even more in love the place we will tell each other soul secrets the place we take care of each other the place where we will be so crammed we wont have any choice but to snuggle constantly the place we will laugh and cry the place we will make love {hehe} the place we will stare up at our popcorn ceiling and wonder why anyone ever thought it was a good ideathe place the stove and I will finally become friends (maybs)the place where Brandon will serenade me to sleep the place where I'll demand he tucks me in like a mermaid just like my mom used to do. the place we will have many an adventuresthe place we will be humbled by when we freeze our toes off in the winter the place we will forever refer to as our first home.

Wait till you see the wonderful color Brando invented.
{that's right....too cool for paint swatches!}

I'm trying to do some good "before and after"s cause believe me...it'll be drastic. So I'm saving those pics for later. SUSPENSE! {bwhahahah!}

hopefully these will suffice for now:

oh and p.s. the overload of senior photos isn't likely to stop any time soon. they just keep....graduating! there's nothing i can do to stop it....it's madness.


  1. Decorating your own place is so satisfying to me. I love doing it. I love checking out interior design mags and thinking about how it could look in my apt. Have fun!! :D

  2. dear claire
    This post is adorable. I love you to pieces and i miss your face. Lets skype or something soon k?
    love you!!

  3. such a darling couple. and cute house/apartment or whatever it is. i'm so jealous you get to paint and have hardwood floors. we get orange carpet and wood panneling. wahoo! haha

  4. The one who has been doing all the painting has already painted the side of the bathtub white.
    It's a good standard iron tub color.
    At least it's not hunter green anymore...
    I love you, my Claire.

  5. yay for love!! ahh! so happy for you!

  6. ps I adore you. You're just fabulous, and I wish we were friends in person. Anytime you want to gush more, you should start writing me emails.