passionate people

I love passionate people.  And I love good people.  And I love passionate people that are doing good in the world.

Jenn Blosil is my grocery store friend.  I mean, we'd probably be really great friends if we lived next door to each other but we don't.  So we just run into each other at the grocery store ALL THE TIME.  (smiths....it's where it's at....at 12 at night....) Anyway, the point is Jenn is one of those passionate people who is doing good in the world.  And her good is her music.  (and it really is so good people).  And I can't tell you how much I respect her following her dreams the way that she is.  She's had opportunities to take the "easy" route to the big time.  But it wasn't right, and it wasn't sincere, and she wasn't willing to sacrifice the purpose of her work for the fame.  She has made her own way (with the help of kickstarter) and she's almost there!! But she needs our help and we've got to move fast so here's what I want you to do:

Check out her awesome kickstarter page listen to some tunes, admire her 'fro, and support!!  It's moments like these that those little $1 donations make a HUGE difference!  (lets do some simple math....if each one of us donated say...$2, that would be $726!! now don't we feel powerful :) okay lets take this further, each one of you forwards this message along (tweet, Facebook, blog, instagram....) well, I was never really good at math but I'm pretty sure that's a really big number that could do a whole lot of good towards her reaching her goal.

In addition, I'll be offering 15% off all betsy bow orders from my etsy shop, Belle & Whistle, to those who donate (minimum $1 donation) I of course can't track if you did, so please be honest!  It's a reward for those who support the dreamers :) And I will be donating 15% of the profits to Jenn's kickstarter.  So donate a dollar and save a few dollars on bows (again...not great with the math but you are getting a good deal ;)  Use "isupportjennblosil" code at checkout for the discount. 
link to shop >>>>

This offer ends Friday Night 10:00 pm MST.

Now go support the dreamers!