happy monday and happy october 1st!!
(maybe I like it a little too much when the first of the month falls on a monday...it helps with my mental calendar.)

 here's a list of things i'd like to get done this october (in no particular order)
-pass my dang adolescent development class
-take advantage of the pretty colors and do family photos shoots
-have a solo art show
-visit the spiral jetty
-get my geode jewelry on etsy
-start that style blog I keep thinking about
-build a coffee table
-make lots of art
-press my own grape juice
-make a dress
-dye my hair

what's on your october list?

 *film photo from NY trip last fall

1 comment:

  1. oooo i definitely want to go out to the spiral jetty, i've never been before. and of course, photos with the leaves, its just so pretty out.