Last night Brandon and I got in a minor car accident.  We were rear ended pretty hard which resulted in us being sandwiched between a few cars, luckily no one got seriously injured, and luckily we weren't at fault, and luckily I'm not so obsessed with my car that it broke my heart that it's all banged up.  it mostly just took the majority of our evening to figure out with police and insurances.  It did make us think a lot though.  And all last night all we could do was hold each other.  We talked about the day, how normal it all was, how insignificant it all seemed.  But it wasn't.  We slept in.  We went out for bagels for breakfast.  He dropped me off at school.  He picked me up in between classes for a drive up the canyon.  We took photographs and listened to music.  We drove past the place where we once saw a bear just feet away.  We talked about art and our goals and our future together.  

In other news, I'm participating in a group show tonight, "Things Fall Apart"!  It's at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, and it consists of some of my favorite fellow artists work.  The party (show opening) is tonight from 6-11 and there will be live music and food too.  It'd be really great if you came :) 

find out more info on their facebook page & tumbler


  1. pretty pictures lady. i love them.
    also, i hope you guys are ok. if you need anything let me know. maybe we will have time to stop by the show tonight. good luck!

  2. things like car accidents are scary and kind of awful.

    Except kind of not because they do help you see the significance in little things. Like bagels and drives up the canyon.

    Glad you're okay! I'd miss your blog.

  3. I went. I saw. I liked. Then we ate!
    PS you got your car "meh"ness from both dad and me. Cars. Meh.