a belated birthday dinner for Brandon and an early birthday dinner for sissy, (the two who's birthdays get lost in summer.)  does that happen to you?  my birthday often gets lost in winter.  Well theirs were lost in summer, but we found them, for tonight.  Which was perfectly fine with me because I pretended it was equal parts birthday celebration and equal parts send Claire and Mom off to a foreign land.  I'm going to Guatemala...TONIGHT.  Did I forget to mention that?  Probably got lost in summer somewhere ;)

anyway, this blog may be awfully quiet the next two weeks, depending on 1. if I had time to schedule all those belated posts (I did manage to schedule this one ;) and 2. whether or not I have reliable internet access while away.  If I were one of those "on-top-of-it" bloggers I would have scheduled all sorts of treats but ya know....I'm not that blogger.  Maybe if we beg hard enough Brandon will make a showing here like the good ol' days {wink wink: I know your reading this Brandon!}

have a lovely next two weeks!  And don't let summer run away from you, naughty summer!  catch it by the tail and run with it!