Happy Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Day is a Utah holiday in remembrance of the Mormon Pioneers settling in Salt Lake July 24th, 1847.  Many of my ancestors were those early pioneers and I'm thankful for their sacrifice, bravery, and  faith and I'm embarrassed that it often takes this holiday to remind me of them and their legacy. Sometimes I have to tell myself "It's in your blood!"  I don't feel brave or strong.  I feel discouraged with any small challenge I have to face in my life.   Often all I need to know is I'm not the first to endure challenges, whatever they may be.  And I'm certainly not alone.

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"I Will Uphold Thee"
Elspeth Young

This painting is particularly close to my heart.  My good friend, Elspeth Young, is the artist and the two girls in the painting are my ancestors!  I love the story of courage depicted in this painting.  (You can read a short version of it here.)  Elspeth comes from a family of artists.  I've known them since high school and I don't know of a more beautiful family that does beautiful things.

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Happy Pioneer Day!