good eats SF {vegan}

There were so many vegan/vegetarian options in SF!   Ever since we've gone to a plant based diet, I've pretty much left the food prepping to Brandon.  Okay, so pretty much since we've been married, he's done the majority of the cooking.  But hey, He's a natural in the kitchen.  He's also the type that can eat kale and other gross tasting things like it's candy.  When I want candy, nothing else will suffice.  I don't have the will power to eat not good tasting stuff.  But everything we had in SF was sooo good!   It really opened my eyes to the possibilities, and gave me a bit of the cooking bug too.  I'm a huge fan of simple recipes made with just a few basic ingredients.  I took note of a few of my favorites from the trip and can't wait to try my own version of these vegan dishes at home!

Here's our favorite vegan restaurants in San Francisco

if you are ever in the city, give em' a try!


*We've been on a plant-based diet since the beginning of the year.  Brandon is 100% vegan and I'm 80% vegan (I can't give up cheese....).  A lot of people have asked a lot of "why"s.  So far I haven't shared a whole lot about our decision (and it was a big one, believe me) but if you are curious let me know, maybe I'll do a little post about our "why".  Also, any fellow vegans/vegetarians/plant eaters?! I'd love any recommendations for recipe websites or blogs.  Thanks!


  1. I am debating going vegetarian, or possibly vegan, so I'd really like to know why you chose to! It'd be a huge change for me, and I'd love advice.

  2. I have been a vegetarian for years and have wondered whether becoming vegan is really worth it or not. I would love to hear why you chose to and what you usually eat!

  3. Claire, who would have guessed? How fun to have a vegan friend :)
    I've been vegan/vegetarian since I was 5 with a short respite through parts of college :)
    I still love cheese, but my little baby can't digest the milk when I eat dairy so I'm pretty much vegan.
    I have TONS of great recipes and love the idea of being "nutritarian" -- eating as many nutrients as possible. We'll have to talk :)