next week

{a little collection from NYC}

I often find myself saying "if I can just make it through till next week...." but life is always going to be a bunch of "next week"s. I'm ready to move on. Does that even make sense? Maybe not. how about this: I'm tired of always playing catch up. But alas there is always catching up to do: homework to be done, art to be made, photos to edit, chores (yes, I have chores) to be completed, work to be worked and thoughts to be thunked (haha thats for you mum!). In my mind next week sounds like this amazing thing. next week I'll relax. next week I'll have time. is anyone else wondering when next week is going to come?! news flash: next week is always a week away. oh reality why must you be so cruel?!

so...about all those NYC & photoshoot photos I was going to share? How does next week sound?!

happy saturday!
happy winter-ish weather!


p.s. your welcome to check out my instagram for photos and meaningless updates :) I'm @belleandwhistle. Do you have an instagram account? lets stalk each other!!

p.p.s. here are two instagrams from my trip! gallery in chelsea and brooklyn bridge


  1. Hey! You got my slightly bowed legs!! I want more pics please. And I have been waiting for next week for about 30 years. Mum

  2. haha next week is ALWAYS next week. and when is next week going to come? ask myself that every day. I love your blog!

    Xo. Nicole

  3. I know just how you feel about next week. I feel like that constantly, like there is always an array of work to be done today, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.