home & featured!

I'm home! And what a whirl-wind-wonderful trip to NY I had! I can't wait to share some of the highlights, but.... I didn't take my camera with me **cue gasps and looks of complete shock. I KNOW!? I deliberately left it home so that I wouldn't stress over getting the perfect image or capturing every tiny bit with that trigger happy finger of mine. It was refreshing to just take it all in mentally and emotionally. I did cheat a little bit and took photos on my phone, which I'll be sharing, and I also took 1 roll of film with my konico (cross your fingers some turned out!). The trip was so amazing but can I tell ya, it feels so good to be home. It felt soo good to hit the snooze button 20 times this morning, miss classes, and snuggle with my man.

In other news: Brandon and I did a shoot with Kristina Curtis Photography that was featured on Utah Bride Blog today! I can't tell you how fun this shoot was (even if we were freezing!) and how much I admire Kristina's eye! I'll be sharing more images and info from the shoot later this week but for now check out the feature on Utah Bride Blog and check out Kristina's site & blog! I promise it won't disappoint :)


  1. B-randon looks like he doesn't know what to do about you eyeing him like that.

  2. you're adorable and this is so exciting! congrats! i'm glad you're back - let's do something soon!

  3. Love your shoot!
    Claire, you are the cutest!

    Xo. Nicole - madeoutofrealthings.blogspot.com

  4. You guys are one of the most attractive couples I know. You both are so stinkin good looking. :)