I'm running around like a crazy person, trying to get ready for my big trip! Did I mention I'm going to NEW YORK!? I'm so extremely excited, I've been looking forward to this trip for weeks! And now it's just around the corner (tuesday!)

I'm making a mini bucket list for my trip there and need your help! What do I not want to miss? Where are the best places to eat? cheapest thrift stores? best kept secrets? Any travel tips!? I'd love to hear from you!

The only thing missing from making this trip absolutely perfect is my husband. :( if only he could come. We are squeezing in a fun date tonight to make up for missing each other next week. He planned the whole thing which promises to be an adventure :)


p.s. thanks (in advance) for the NY tips!


  1. You MUST go to Abitino's pizza in Times Square. It's seriously such good pizza and it's way cheep! The two locations are either 733 2nd Avenue or 936 2nd Avenue, I just remember the one I went to was in the middle of Times Square. Have so much fun! And if you haven't seen Wicked spend your money and see it!

  2. My favorite place in NYC is a little Japaneses stationary shop across the street from Rockefeller center. I've been there on both of my trips to New York and plan on going there every time I'm in New York for the rest of my life! That's how much I love it.

  3. There's an awesome little Italian restaurant in Little Italy. It's called Paisano's and it's on Mulberry Street :)

  4. Oh! And Joey's has amazing cheesecake.
    And just stop at any little kiosk to get italian ice- cherry and chocolate are my favorite :)

  5. If you like falafel, there is a little shop just down the block from the giant Target ads in Times Square, it was some of the best falafel I have ever had! If you have the time, there is the giant wall of graffiti down in the Bronx, a little sketchy so go early to mid-afternoon.

  6. If you have time hit up Williamsburg and Brooklyn. You can take the subway there and its like 25-30 min outside Manhattan. There you will find THE BEST THRIFT store I have ever been to called Beacon's Closet. Literally give yourself some time there because it is huge and wonderful and a dream come true for thrift stores. Also, that area has the best street art in NY and a delish mac & cheese shop called Brooklyn Mac that is muy bueno. Also, go to the MOMA, it was by far my favorite art museum. Chelsea Market has great places to eat & the high line which is cool to walk on and photograph. Have so much fun!

  7. Hey! Thanks for your comment. I really love your blog and your instagram. You are super talented. New York is one of my favorite places ever. I have no advice except soak everything up and enjoy! You're gonna love it.

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