leaving on a jet plane..

the title of this blog isn't very fitting because we are NOT leaving on a jet plane.
we are leaving in a car.
with B's aunt & uncle (aka our besties)
on a week of river rafting!

now i've only been riving rafting once, in jackson hole, with a tour guide who promised us life-threatening falls and such. but he lied, it was "putt-putt" and smooth sailing the whole time.
this trip promises to be much more....life threatening (?!). I kid. i mean we do have to wear helmets in certain parts of the river, and if we don't keep our food in air-tight cans we may wake up to some critters in our sleeping bags. oh, and big chances of rain. but besides that it's should be pretty safe :) (mom(s) don't worry, it's going to be SO safe and we'll take every necessary precaution. seriously, please don't worry)

i'm extremely excited for this trip.
i've needed a vacation: some self reflecting time.
and what better way to do that than get away from civilization: cell phones, computers, work and school demands, even roads! to sleep under the stars, forget make-up and hair, and sit around a fire with some of the people i love most and some strangers too.

to say i'm excited would be a huge understatement.

i wish you all a happy rest of the week!
i've scheduled some posts about a few of my favorite things , and little pointless facts :) please enjoy and feel free to comment your favorites too {so i can read them when i get home!}

love you!
{i really do!}

p.s. don't forget to enter the giveaway!
p.p.s. for those of you wishing you could go back to high school just so you could graduate and enter this giveaway, stay tuned! I promise you a photo giveaway {that doesn't discrimiate} in the very near future :) I like this give-away business. I thinking of making it a monthly event. what say you?

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