a love letter

dear little studio apartment,

oh how we love you.
sometimes we call you the cupboard under the stairs.
sometimes we call you our castle.
i love that you are ours, even if only temporarily. you are our home and have housed the first year of our marriage. and though you are small, we are grateful. in fact, we believe you've helped us with our marriage! when little tiffs arise (which they naturally do) one can stomp 5 stomps away into the bathroom where they can either sit on the toilet in shame, or in the bathtub and sulk. which is just silly. so kisses and "i'm sorry"s don't wait long.

it's ok you have no room for a table, we like eating breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed. it's alright you have no room for a tv, we get our alfred hitchcock fix on netflix. and i'll forgive you for not having a dishwasher cause your sink is so darn cute. and your walls! oh how i love your tall walls with layers of bubbling wallpaper. i think of others who've lived here, couples in the 20's, 30's, 4o's, who also stayed up way late one night putting up wallpaper and painting walls.
making it their home.
just like we have.
we even love your wooden floors, though they splinter.
because even the cracks serve a purpose
we hide love letters in them, so that someday, if the floorboards are lifted, people will know that
two young lovers lived and loved here.


  1. How idyllic it sounds! I love how anything can be romanticised. I enjoyed reading this, I guess the place doesn't matter but who you are with.

  2. I love Love LOVE this post. I hope your letters get found someday! :)

  3. that is the most adorable thing!! What a lovely life.