facts and confessions

I'm more confident in high-heels.
towering over everyone and taking longer strides.

I don't drink coffee.
But I just might be addicted to coffee ice cream. sinner. {i'm working on it.}

I haven't read a book for enjoyment since....I can't even remember.

My average test score is a 75%. A solid C, kids.

my final project in ceramics last semester exploded in the kiln.

My nail beds are super long.
Probably one of my favorite features.

My nails are ALWAYS painted.
Mostly cause I go nuts when they aren't clean (and when you are an art major....it's hard to keep them clean...)

I sometimes break promises.
Like that one time when I said I'd post all the ins and outs of my wedding...yah.

I'm choosy about who I sit by in Relief Society.
Kelsee or Brighton on one side. Woman with a baby on the other.

I stole a baby off a mother's lap in R.S. a few sundays back. Just swiped her. I've never spoken a word to the woman in my life except for the "thankyou" when I gave her baby back 30 min. later.

I love wearing the color red
but only in tiny bits here and there.

I once got sent to the principals office for "beating up" a boy.
he slapped my butt. he had it coming.

she doesn't know it, but I miss my best friend Kaitlyn every day.
She's probably the most quoted person in our home. her and nicholas cage (bleh)

I get jealous of freckled faces and true red heads.

i loved mermaids as a kid. I'd sit in my tub waving my head around in the water so my hair would go everywhere. my mom called it "mermaid hair". and then when my mom would put me to bed she'd tuck the covers tight around my body but loose around my feet so my mermaid flippers could move.

B told me that he was going to grow a mustache JUST for the month of november. the mustache is still here, and I hope it never leaves.


  1. are we the same person?

  2. I'm glad you beat that boy up! What an idiot.

  3. "I'm more confident in high heels"
    POWER TO YOU! I kind of wish I was more like that :)

  4. love this post, especially about your mermaid flippers.