Kitty: Blog Alias

"Why Kitty?"

My given name is Claire Andra Thorley
I've always la la loved my name :)
My parents did a pretty swell job at picking it.
I really feel it suits me.

But growing up I was always a bit jealous of people with nicknames.
The only one nick-name I had was "Claire Bear".
and very rarely could I be called that without this rhyme following:

Claire the Bear.
Has no hair.
She wears funny underwear.

{which is just a bunch of lies...in case you were wondering: i happened to have fine taste in panties}

At some time my mom made note that my initials spell CAT.

Because of this, my brother started calling me "Kitty". He did this for a few solid years during highschool. it became my family's pet name for me: "kitty", "kit", "cat".

and now it serves as a blog alias of sorts.

my name is now Claire Andra Thorley White.
{claire white}
which i LOVE.
but CATW doesn't spell anything.
& CAW sounds too much like cow.
so I think I'll stick with Kitty :)

What are your favorite/silly/most hated nicknames?


  1. Favorite nickname: carma. Even though the idiom, "Karma's a _____" sometimes follows. Which I do not appreciate. But it's the most clever.

  2. Most hated: Hurricane...or something of the sort.

  3. I am sorry I made fun of your underwear.


  4. Your mom's comment made me laugh aloud. You are funny ladies.
    My friends and family have this nickname for me... Choncho. Which in spanish (you may remember this from Nacho Libre) means Pig or could be used to refer to someone chubby. I am not totally sure where it came from, but it stuck.

    Or growing up, I always got called Mowgli. Well... because I looked like Mowgli. Small, brown, and scrawny. hahaha!

  5. When I was little, I had a childhood friend called Lupita (Loo-pee-tuh), and for a few years, I was known as Lupita. My mom nicknamed me Lupis, then going to Frutie Lupis. I have a few others but that was my favorite! http://florecity.blogspot.com/

  6. hahahaha! you are adorable! my smile just kept getting bigger and bigger as I kept reading! My family called me bug, no idea why though. perhaps I should ask! Anyway, thanks for sharing, you are too cute!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  7. So ingenious.

    My nickname has alwas been "mallorina ballerina"

    Even though I've never been much of a ballerina.

    Mal-pal is another one. Or mals.

    I used to not like the nickname mal cause a person I didn't like called me it all the time.