Kara Lynn

Kara and I first met in Jr. high through mutual friends. We have since been reunited via the wonderful world of blogging. Next week, she is leaving to serve an LDS mission in Texas! (my sweet husband served an LDS mission in texas too!) and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!

About a month ago I asked her to help me with a photo assignment by being my model. (and secretly as an excuse to get more time with this lovely girl before she leaves!) As I was editing her photos I kept being drawn to black and white. I think it's because black and white photography is romantic. And Kara is about as romantic as they come. Have you ever heard the expression "she has a light about her" ? thats kara. She has a passion for life, learning, knowledge, and beauty. And it literally shines.

being reunited with Kara adds to my list of many blessings through blogging. I am truly grateful to her example, and will miss her posts dearly while she is gone. But I am so proud to know her and proud that she is serving a mission, sharing her light. She will no doubt be an amazing missionary and I can't wait to hear her experiences as we pen-pal! To better know Kara check out her delightful blog here. To learn more about the message she will be sharing in Texas for 18 months, go here.

to see her beautiful light, see photos below :)