lets talk

I'm not about to pretend that this whole comment hooplah didn't happen.
it did.

and i'm not going to pretend I didn't think about it an awful lot.
i did.

So to all you lovelies out there who wrote/emailed sweet words: THANK YOU!
i wish i could give you all hugs.

& to the anonymous(es) out there, i wish i could give you a hug too.
cause i think you could really use one.

The fact of the matter is
1. this is my blog
2. this is my life

If you don't like the way i live my life or write about it (I've never claimed to be a perfect person or to be good with words) and my human contradictions (which I'm still not sure were, in regards to that post) bother you so greatly then simply


and if for some reason you still want to read my blog, maybe to inevitably find more flaws and faults {which frankly is kinda sick} then please refrain from unkind comments.
cause they are just that.

and maybe you forgot but the opposite of kind is unkind.
which i'm sure no one intentionally tries to be.
especially anonymous people :)

thats all i'm going to say on the matter.

and now for some photos!
I took these quickly yesterday for a photo assignment.
we had to shoot raw and couldn't post edit.

i decided to document a few of our collections.




a girl who may or may not contradict her self and likes to collect stuff.
and blog.


  1. Well said. and lovely photographs.

  2. can't tell you how many time i've had lovely little nasty sayings sent to me - i disabled Mr. and Mrs. Anon, and moved on with my life.

    And you know what? Anon isn't there anymore, but all the people that doubt what I do/think/feel still are, and I'm learning they're part of the journey - they teach me to be strong when I need to KNOW that what I am doing is right, and have the courage and drive to keep doing it.

  3. I've gone back and forth with putting my blog out there and keeping it private and as a personal diary for myself. My final decision was to just leave it open. who cares what unhappy, angry people think? keep doing what you're doing :)

  4. Would you like me to beat up the anons? Because, as your aunt, I feel it is my duty and will gladly do so. I don't like mean people. I like real people - people who can say what they want to say and mean it. People who can own what they say and stand behind it. You are that person. The beauty of thie human experience is that we get to change, every day. It's called progression. So whether or not another agrees with what you are today or yesterday or tomorrow, I love that you understand the importance of the present moment in which you get to decide what it is you want to be. I love you and I am always so impressed with the way you live your life. These are good days for you, despite their hardships, and you will always look back on these times with fondness. Now, go give your sweetie a great big smooch!

  5. BRAVO! Perfect response.
    Love the collections- very well chosen. I could easily guess who they belong to.
    Oh, my! Is that the missing lucky key to the gumball machine?!? We need to borrow it...

  6. can i just tell you I LOVE your photos!!! And, i miss being in class with you. :)

  7. OMG! I love those pics!

    -Mrs. Anon

  8. hi cute cousin claire! (that's how i have you listed on my blog; i guess i need to update it and add b's name, but that's how long it's been since i've not been blogging) anyhow, i had lots of fun catching up reading your blog and stayed up until 12:30 looking at your beautiful wedding pictures, how do you ever pick which ones to blow up, there are too many? i think i might buy one so i can have a little piece of beautiful in my house. :) well, i just wanted to let you know i started a new blog just recently: http://johnson365.blogspot.com/
    keep in touch my sweet!
    let me know if you and b ever make it here, johnny and i would love to go on a date with you two.
    i love you!
    p.s. way to stand up for yourself against "Anonymous" (punk!!!)