imperfections and the color green

why this room was documented?
i do not know.

B took it while tinkering with some old school filter caps he got me for christmas last year.
hence the uber green hue.

i'm happy to admit our house doesn't look quite this bad at the moment. this photo was taken pre-christmas....when everyone's house (lives) are a hectic mess....

anyway, i love it and it's imperfections.

my friend made a comment the other day how blogs/facebook/any cybereality can be a big fat lie. people put out how and what they want others to see. sometimes whilst stalking others (probably YOUR) blogs, i find myself envying them. the perfect furniture, big houses, glamorous and easy lives, fancy clothes, blah blah blah {you get the point right?}. Well they have issues too. and i don't mean that to be rude...just to be real. we all have imperfections right? right.

well i do.
lots in fact.
some are very evident in this photo.

should we embrace imperfections? maybe not.
but should we sweep them under the rug and pretend they don't exist? probably not...

the reality is Brandon and I don't live a very glamorous life. We both work (real hard) and any time in between is spent kissing each other's boring days away or procrastinating on school assignments. We don't have fancy clothes. we shop at DI and savers. We rarely go out to eat, when we do it's In and Out and we eat our burgers pinky up. We steal toilet paper from our parents homes (and we aren't talking about a tiny roll, we are talking about the whole 24 pack-family-size-deal, it's getting harder to be sneaky...). we don't have a TV. We hack into my parents netflix account for the occasional movie. We leave our house a mess because we are always in a hurry. we eat on paper plates cause we hate doing the dishes. we let our laundry pile up week after week. cause we are lazy. and we make love.

like i said,
we don't live a glamorous life.
but we do live a pretty charmed one

wishing you a charming friday!

-kitty {who just realized she never posted about christmas...}


  1. So that's where the toilet paper went...

  2. This really contradicts your whole blog...

  3. Anonymous, that was a lame comment...

    Dearest Eclaire.
    I spent the whole time reading this post nodding my head and chuckling to myself because OH I know how it is! Especially that part where you only see each other on your break or between shifts and you've got stuff (literally) piling up at home.

    But it IS a charmed life, isn't it?
    Love, Ang.

  4. You are AMAZING x 1,000,000! Amazing how you can take day to day life and make it charmed. Amazing how you find beauty in common things I overlook. Thank you for being you and for sharing so much of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your life here on your blog. I love every post. You are wonderful!
    P.S. B needs some coaching. He really wasn't very sneaky carrying the big pack of TP out of our house on his shoulder.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Pffffftttt....Didn't you ever watch Bambi? "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all."

    this post had me nodding the whole time! Not many people can look at all the "haves" in the world and be so content with where they are at this point in their life. You say so well what I try to! Love your blog!

    PS You are charming :)

  6. Okay I love this! So glad I found you while blog stalking. I think married couples that don't struggle at all are lame. You guys will look back at this one day and be like, "those were the good old days, when we had nothing but each other!" So cute, I love it. And I love your blog. Great.

  7. From one Anonymous to the other, I happen to agree with the first Anonymous. If you compare this post to the last, their point is evident. I'm only sayin'. Be consistent.

  8. I'm not sure how writing a post about being okay and dealing with life's imperfections is contradictory to the rest of her blog. Actually, I rather appreciate the normality of it. So to both of your anonymous comments, I say stuff it.

  9. Dear First and Third Anonymous,
    You should try having the minerals to sign in, or at least tell us all who you are (for all we know, you're probably the same bitter person trying to sound like strength in numbers). Your opinions are like bumper stickers. They say, "This is what I think, but I'd rather not look you in the eye and say it."
    If you want to preach your 'ideals' of consistency, you might as well act like the type of person who would display such an ideal.
    ...Or perhaps you could go try preaching someplace where it would be of consequence, instead of sulking around on an electronic diary that a girl keeps just for her fun and enjoyment...

  10. I've been thinking the same thing. Sometimes I look at people's 'reality' and look at my own reality and don't feel like I measure up. It's good to be reminded that people blog with their best foot forward and to not compare our worst with their best.

    Excellent post.

  11. Claire,
    I am happy to read your blog, and be lifted by it. it is a pleasure to see that you embrace every facet of your life with insight and passion! You are real to the core, and eloquent in your expressions. I have always tired to live my life by this standard, that IF.... I say somthing.... I will own it! There are those who will hide behind anonymous....and will BE anonymous as well. YOU however will BE, and be known for BEING exactly who you say you are, with no hesitation or limitiatons. THANK YOU for being wise beyond your young and tender years.

  12. I look forward to reading your posts. As many have said you are very honest and say things I wish I knew how to. I need to look at life with a more positive respect and you help remind me to do that. And to the whole consistent thing....life throws you curve balls...nothing is consistent so why do we have to be? Just be true to yourself. Love your blog!

  13. Since when is life consistent? I like your blog. And you. And having a name to post my comments with :)