marrying my dear sweet Brandon in the Temple was
no doubt the best decision i ever made.

and i want to say the best day of my life....but everyday just gets better.

so today was the best day of my life.
and i'm sure tomorrow will have it running for it's money.

p.s. this photo was taken by the amazingly talented and beautiful Elise Lauren. In case you didn't know, i LOVED having her as my photographer. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. And did you know you can view all my wedding photos here? well you can. {and for those who are waiting patiently for me to post some...i promise the day will come!} and you should, cause you are probably in some of them! {look in "reception"} and you of course look so darn good, so guess what else? you can purchase them! wahoo!

have a lovely night :)


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