self portrait

I'm working on another self portrait.

I always have a hard time with these. I never capture the side of me that I want to. Or I just get overly critical of how I look. Remember my last one? I got so frustrated with my face I started chopping my head out of the photos. Funny thing is I feel it captures me perfectly!

I love everything/every version of this headless photo:
(no matter how many photo "no-nos" i did)

I love this one
(in case you haven't noticed, this is my default profile pic for just about EVERYTHING)

I love it all faded like

and i love the sun-burnt version

and the over saturated version

and the one where i look black (almost)

and the tan western-wanna-be version

and this one

this time around I'm being brave and including my head.
oh...and I'm painting it (eek!)
I will be sharing soon :)

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  1. aaah yes claire i love this shot. the first one especially. it always reminds me of a norman rockwell painting. and i can't wait to see more!