my high school photography teacher tore my work apart. (figuratively and literally, i kid you not). she broke me down. found flaws in everything I had put so much time and effort into. she shattered any idea I had of being an artist or artistic.

I quit.
I stopped trying to feed that creative need.
I just stopped making art.

I had listened to her.

I had long said goodbye to my photo taking days when my parents did something very brave.
{very inspired}

They gave me Hank.
{my camera}
as much as I hate to love material things, I do love my Hank very much.
But even more (like a bajillion times more) I love my parents.

I love my parents for believing in me, supporting me, having faith in me.

I considered Hank today while doing an engagement shoot. I'm not sure if I've ever properly thanked my parents for giving him to me. He's opened so many doors. He's been my outlet for thought, frustration, and creativity.

That teacher did a pretty swell job of ruining my perception of myself.
Thank goodness my parents encouraged me.

Sure I'm no pro and I have a long way to go before I ever consider myself one. But I've come this far already. And I wouldn't have moved a muscle if it weren't for my parents for pushing me along when I wanted to give up.

So mom and dad:

I love you to the moon
{ and around a few times } and back again


  1. You're a fabulous photographer. You know, Ms. Thomas was crazy.

  2. I love this - my dad is so much the same, calling and saying, "Why are you always telling me about the jobs your old editors land? Don't you know that you're going to be calling telling me about your fabulous writing job, very soon? Don't you know how good your resume is? Just stop it."

    thanks, Daddy. Aren't parents grand?