30 minutes

it's amazing what 30 mins can do.

I used to complain "I don't have any time".
my wise mother would always respond "you have just as much time as everyone else. 24 hours every day. YOU decide how to spend that time."

Today/this week/this month I've felt I've had "no time".

life isn't slowing down. although I at times deeply wish it would, it wont. so sometimes YOU have to slow down.

I just spent 30 minutes laying on our giant rug in our little cupboard of a home listing to my dear sweet Brandon make music.

It's probably the best spent 30 minutes I've had all month.


  1. why don't you ever quote me? don't i say inspiring nonsense once in a while?

  2. "Don't I say inspiring nonsense once in a while?"


    I like that picture you took, Clairy.