monday to sunday

our weekend came much sooner than we had expected (unusual) and lasted not nearly long enough (as weekends are wont to do). I woke up one day and it was Monday. I woke up the next day and it was Sunday. I'm not really sure how this has happened. The days in-between mysterisouly slipped by without my remembering them...all I have are the photos to prove that last weekend certainly did exist.

according to these photos. sometime last week:

fall snuck up on me

I chilled on a roof

found the coolest giant lego man at walmart

snapped an accidental pic of my favorite jeans & boots during a photo-shoot

If I wake up tomorrow and it's Tuesday (and not sunday) then perhaps there will be more photos, more commentary, and less confusion.


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  1. Are those the infamous Gap jeans? I am glad that I accidentally found those for you, haha!