today i

am frustrated.

equally with myself and my kidney stone
(whom i have yet to name)

doc says i gotta try and pass this one on my own. this could take anywhere from 24 hours to a few months. and there is no saying when i might be in horrible pain or how often.

if said kidney stone decides not to budge (like last time) it will result in a surgery whose price is more than brando's and my livelihood put together x 10.

luckily for right now i am OFF pain killers.
(mostly because i refuse to further clog my bowels....i'll spare you the details)

although part of me wishes i weren't, so that i could use it as an excuse for my otherwise LAZY behavior.

i have a lot of bad habits.
most of which deal with poor time-management.
all of which need instant dropping.

it's a saturday.
oh how i wish brandon and i were on a picnic.

instead i'm finishing odd end tasks that should have been done weeks (some months) ago.

enough of me complaining.

what i really need is HELP!

so readers, please please please:

what little tricks, treats, bits of magic do you use to help manage time?


bad habits: how do you rid of them?!

i desperately need your help, advice, encouragement

pretty please :)

and the stone


  1. Claire dear. I am so so sorry to hear you're having another kidney stone :/ My mother has always had kidney stones, so I know how painful they can be from a sympathetic standpoint. Know you are in my prayers, and my thoughts.

    My suggestions: Even when life gets hard, and busy, start every day with a prayer of gratitude and read your scriptures. Then from there, make a to-do list of everything you need to do and then take a calendar and give specific times to complete each task.

    And, if you need ANYTHING. Let me know.

    Love you.

  2. So here's the deal... we both know that yours is one of my favorite blogs to stalk. I've told you. I try not to be creepy and comment too often. But I can relate on this one, especially.
    I'm terrible with time management. I have so much to do, and the only thing that I really care about is getting my snuggling time in with the mister. But I've learned some tricks in my extensive marriage experience. :)
    #1 You can't get it all done all the time. And that's actually okay.
    #2 Just focus on one bad habit at a time. Get one little thing under control and then move on to the next.

    Keep swimming, sister!

  3. okay... i just read that you signed off as "kitty and the stone," and immediately sang it to the beauty and the beast theme song. so... yeah. :) and as for managing time, hire your sister to do things and pay her in jones soda.

  4. Dear Kitty and the stone,

    I am not the one to give advice on getting things done. I love distractions and even look for them when have unpleasant tasks to do. But I am big into rewarding myself for work well done. Namely, the inside windows and blinds these last 2 days. I would do a couple of windows and then I would reward myself by crocheting a square or reading for 10 minutes. I do so love the rewards, whether it be food or other. I also like working with a timer and setting a time limit. It pushes me to work faster without distractions. I am still trying to schedule my life after all these years! Good luck sweetie!

  5. one of the things that has saved my life as a student is to get a planner (a CUTE planner) and put REACHABLE goals in it.

    For example, while I was writing my 10,000, I would put on Monday: 2,500 words. Tuesday: 2,50o words, etc. And once I reached that goal, I stopped writing. Unless I was TOTALLY on a role and I FELT LIKE continuing,I DIDN'T. I put the computer away, and either went on to the next task, or went and had fun.

    Make lots of small goals, and you'll be surprised at how fast you reach them, and then, the big goals (composites of all the little ones) will be accomplished too!.

    Plus, you'll feel AWESOME about how many things you can cross off your list!

    Good luck!

  6. My suggestion is that you call your dear friend Twega and recruit her for help and some good old catching up...its been to long cwara dear!

  7. I hear you. I am all sorts of terrible with time management. Why read 97 pages of a book about Utah's polygamous history when I can take a nap or go for a hike or sit and stare at the wall. If you figure out how to do something with your time, tell me. I need help.