The Return of Spike

Tonight I am supposed to hop in a van full of my cousins and head to Southern Utah for the RED ROCK RELAY
a 186 mile run. I, of course, would be running the easiest of lges (only a total of 10 miles) by choice. I am not a runner. It doesn't come easy for me (does it for anyone?) So it took some training, of which I haven't done so well at. So in my hurried attempts to be ready for the race, I took a good long hard run on tuesday evening. I felt fine until I stopped moving and realized a horridly familiar pain on my left side.

Kidney Stone.

It had to be. I'm a champ stomach acher, I've had just about every one in the book. Kidney stones are distinctly different. I've heard they are worse than giving birth. I haven't given birth so I wouldn't know. All I know is that the pain makes you wish you could cut yourself open and rip out your kidney so it would all feel better.

I was in denial though. I thought maybe if I didn't acknowledge it was a kidney stone that it would just go away. Ya know, mind over matter. Didn't work. I'm a wimp. I have a very low pain tolerance. The meds I took kept coming back up and I knew I was in for it.

I refused to go to the hospital that night so Brandon played me sweet songs until I fell asleep. The next morning we went to the docs where they hooked me up with an IV and all sorts of drugs in order to "stabilize" me. It worked. Since then I've been popping the pills like the good old days, eating a diet of only monkey bars, moose bars, and saltine crackers. Oh and lots of water. So much so that I fear I might drown myself from the inside out.

Oh and did I mention I'm missing school?! The second week of school. Just a week after all of my teachers threatened us with a whole grade letter if we were to miss class.

Yes. This is no fun at all.

And as much as a part of me is secretly happy I don't have to run, most of me is extremely sad since I've planned on running this race for a year now. And I was thrilled that I got to run the very first leg and was so excited for the lovely photos I was going to capture and most of all to be with all my family.

Alas, this weekend will be filled with crocheting. Somehow my fingers manage to function properly whilst the rest of me slows down due to the drugs. In fact, it's easier to type than it is to talk....

I would post a photo but there is nothing pretty to be photographed right now.

oh gee that sounded so depressing....

lets see what I can find...


this photo is for you Mr. Spike.


  1. oh no!!!!! can we do anything?! Need any good movies/dinner/games/company?!!? Let me know!!!

  2. Dear Kitty,
    Can I tell you I have also had 2 kidney stones. They are the worst! I truly am sorry for you, if there is one thing I hate it is trying to pass one. Feel better, get better, and I hope you pass it soon! Seriously!!

  3. I say we name your next stone "Puma".
    Then he can be the bane of your existence too.