open house!

The mister and I worked really hard to clean our room this past weekend.

(and when i say we i mean him. i sat back and ate monkey bar after moose bar after monkey bar. they really are the only thing that truly appeasing kidney stone pains.)

he's such a good mister, that husband of mine.

anyway, like i said, we (he) got it all nice and clean.

& knowing us, it wont last long. So we decided we better host FHE at our room tonight and invite the family to take a look while the lookin's good!

this means that i, kitty, might just maybe be finally posting some photos of our lovely mansion.

(and when i say mansion, i mean 3oo sq foot closet under the stairs).


maybe someday we'll have a real open house and all you lovlies will be invited!

a good idea me thinks :)


(a blurry photo, just to tease)

1 comment:

  1. You have the best looking "closet under the stairs" EVER!
    Your amazing little place should be featured in one of those makeover-shows... and you two could be the cute hosts!
    I loved your sweet FHE lesson- touched my heart. THANK YOU!