Robby and Nikki

A few Saturdays ago, Brandon's cousin Robby married the gorgeous Nikki! We were thrilled to attend their sealing in the Timpanogos Temple. And I was so happy I brought Hank with me to snap some candids of the happenings of the day.

Congrats Robby & Nikki!
We love newlywed friends!!
And we especially love newlywed family!!

{the colors were navy and green. I had no clue that my outfit would match!}

{the best men, groom, and bride all wore sperrys}

{mom and dad {inlaw}}

{the bridesmaid all wore these killer pumps I couldn't get over. They said they killed. Literally.}

{Father of the Groom}

{Mother of the Groom}

{Sissy (Missy) of the Groom}

I loved the Groomsmen's suits!

A very lovely wedding/couple/family/reception/MARRIAGE!

so happy we got to be a tiny part of it :)

*I was not the hired photographer for this wedding, just the crazy cousin with a camera. Had I been there would have been more photos of the bride/groom/group etc. Please note that if I were to photograph YOUR wedding, there would be a whole lot more photos :) e-mail me if you are interested in seeing a full-blown wedding from start to finish! thanks




  1. !!! those are my colors! look how good they look!

  2. It was so fun to watch you "work". You have a natural gift behind that camera, even when you're NOT working...just playing.
    "Your good...Your REALLY good" (insert Nacho Libre voice)

  3. I've been blog stalking you for awhile now and I love your pictures. I have a big question to ask you. Would you be interested in taking photos for my business? We make hair accessories and we are just starting out and we want some awesome photos to show the world and I remembered that you take great photos! If you could email me if you are interested that would be great!