One Fine Day

Brandon and I are really grateful Peter McGuire started Labor Day. It's one of our favorite days because

1. we love NOT going to school.
2. we LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping in and watching LOST when we wake up and eating pistachio ice-cream for breakfast
3. it's tradition for us to go to the Spiral Jetty on Labor Day and have a yummy picnic and take funny pictures.

and when I say tradition I mean that last year when we had been dating a mere 3 weeks I convinced him to go to the Spiral Jetty with me. A day trip that almost killed us (literally) but resulted in one of the most memorable days of our lives. So we decided to seal the tradition deal this year by going again! Hopefully we'll get the chance to go every year. And if you haven't checked the Spiral Jetty out, or even heard of it, read more here!

more photos from last years excursion here

What are your plans for labor day!? Please tell me you aren't working...

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