Sorry About The Snow...

Easter Weekend
was THE (say it old english style) best ever!

I was in Southern Utah
my Pops, brother, brother's fiance, and my fiance.

we had quite an adventure (more on that later).
listened to General Conference.

please don't be mad...
but I'm afraid I brought the snowstorm back with me.
I'm very sorry...

Dear Mother Nature,

Although I had the most enjoyable time with you this weekend, I'd really appreciate it if you'd call it a winter and just leave us be. We love you when there are presents under trees, twinkle lights on houses, and cute coats to be bought. But there are no presents to be put under trees, the twinkle lights have been retired for the season, and there are many cute swimsuits to be bought (or in my case: to be dreamt of buying). So please, please, PLEASE, just give us a break?! I'd really like to have sunshine in my photoshoots this weekend. Not to mention, the longer you stay around the more worried I get about my outdoor wedding reception (please don't make me resort to the cultural hall!) And I'd like a little sun to clear up my sudden pizza face.




  1. beautiful photo! i miss blue skies.

  2. Not a cultural hall!!! NOOO!

    P.S. When am I having you kids over for dinner and a flower talk?