I maybe might sorta kinda be....

a little baby hungry when I look at this picture:

it's widdle bwandon
(his good sense of fashion started at a young age)

I'll take one,
please and thank you.

(don't freak mom and mom-in-law...it will be a while...)

But for some reason I can't stop thinking about my future children. I pray for them every night (have since I was way little). And sometimes, when I do something stupid a make a poor choice I think about how they are watching me from puffy clouds in heaven. And they probably sit up there together laughing at what a silly I am. And i'm grateful that they won't remember all the silly things I do so that I can have their trust when they are growing up. So that I can be a good mom, despite my sillies in the past.

(I especially like that word today. It's become a new nickname of mine. thanks to brandon. Or thanks to my silliness. one of the two.)

But I suppose i'll just have to entertain them (my kids) for the next couple of years. and keep praying for them. I'm sure they are oh-so-excited for B and me to wed! I sure am. Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering, the count is 77 days (not like i'm counting...).

I best get back to my studies. But I keep dreaming of babies. and baby names (which I dare not share with you. cause they are the best. and I'm selfish like that.) and of being in Seattle with mum and sissy. I can't believe they went to my birthplace without me. :(

studying on a friday.
it just sounds wrong.

Hope you all have a happy (homework free) weekend!



  1. hahh sorry i got a bit excited and posted my title before anything else!

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  3. Yyyyeahh...
    ...Whaddya say we wait two or three years?
    But anywho. Our babies are going to be beautiful.
    I love you tremendumungonormously.

  4. good luck with the 2 or 3 years thing...once you actually GET married...it gets worse.

    But, on a semi-side note--you are going to have GORGEOUS babies. :D

    as my roommate said once:
    "You're a babe, he's a babe--now you should get together and have babe babies."


  5. oh my goodness, cute...
    and don't worry, i already have a big list a baby names, i do the same thing myself, thinking about my future children...