Funny Story

{I’m sure there will be more to come}

As you may know, I’m a sucker for a good deal. Like, I live for them. I’m a bargain shopper and I pride myself at it. I love looking like a million bucks but knowing I only spent $30 {maybe even less} head to toe. Being a true bargain shopper I often find myself browsing the ilse of Savers or DI looking for something to guiltlessly bust a few bucks on. And I often find something wonderful, amazing, original, unique, old, and most importantly: CHEAP!

Bargain shopping is an art.

And I’ve learned from a wonderful teacher: my mother.

A few tips to successful, anti-binge, bargain shopping:

1. 1. First things first: go directly to sales racks in the back of the store.
2. Have an open mind: be creative and innovative when looking at something. Don’t look at it for what it is but for what it could be!
3. Don’t go clearance crazy: just because something is cheap, does not mean it is worth your buck! Don’t buy something unless you really love it.

So last Saturday, I walked into the local DI with these helpful tips stored carefully in some pocket in my brain.

I found:

  • The exact vases I want for my reception (50 cents a piece)
  • beautiful glasses for B’s and my future home (75 cents a piece, but the guy only charged me 50 J)
  • 2 wonderfully patterned vintage pillowcases (50 cents each)
  • and a dress.

But not just any dress.

A wedding dress.

Now before you gag, start throwing up, gouge out your eyes and the thought of me wearing a dress from DI to my wedding, please keep in mine that I wasn’t sane in the moment.

No, not sane at all.

I had followed only 1 and 2 of my mothers well meant advice. Somehow my innovative/thrifty mind got the best of me and I totally overlooked the fact that this dress, although beautiful in it’s own way (c’mon, you really think I’d buy something ugly) was NOT the dress I wanted to get married in.

How could I forget rule 3? The most important of all the rules?!


No matter how cheap it is, or how thrifty you think you are.

Needless to say I took the dress back. Only to find out that “clothing" returns can only be exchanged for “clothing”. {whatever} So I spent 15 minutes running through DI finding $50 worth of clothes to thrift and stitch.

I DID find some treasures, of which I’ll share with you as soon as I find time to pull out the old sewing machine and give them a little special touch.

Anyway, I hope you haven’t lost respect for me due to this almost disastrous dress incident. I mean, we all have embarrassing stories right?! And stories like these are priceless right?!

Oh wait…I guess mine cost me $50 bucks….

Here's some photos of recent thrifty finds:

{to prove I'm sometimes somewhat sane}

Baby Ben! love him. He's the perfect "tick-tock" -er

scraps of vintage fabric!

{what shall I make of them? Headbands? a coin purse?...?}

this fancy hanky! {this may or may be some inspiration for my wedding....}

more findings for headbands and such!


This lovely vintage apron! It makes me feel like I should sing and dance and cook meatloaf.

{only minus the singing and cooking part...}


  1. Thrift shopping is my vice! Just an idea for your cute scraps of cloth: I made a really cute little container thing to hold mints/buttons (or whatever) in it. I found a cute compact on etsy and used a piece of cardboard and a little quilt batting. I glued a small piece of fabric around the cardboard & batting & glued the that to the compact. I put safety pins in the cushion.

    I can never tell when yr gonna need a safety pin. :)

  2. haha, you are so cute claire! my friend is getting married soon and she found her dress at DI! if it's right, it's right eh? i am sure whatever you end up wearing will be absolutely lovely! i love all the little treasures you found! i never have luck like that when i go..

  3. my sister got her wedding dress when she was 14 at the DI. I kid you not! It is adorable

  4. Ah! I love hearing the success stories! It makes me feel not-so-crazy. Well, like I said, the dress was pretty. so i hope someone realizes that, and that it's what they are looking for. As for me, i've got my bridezilla comin out...

    the only way i'll get the exact dress i want
    for the price i need

    is if my wonderful mother makes it.
    so that's the plan!
    {and it's more special that way too}

  5. My biggest regret ever was not buying a wedding dress I found at DI that I LOVED. Then I bought one from Alysses' for 5 times the price, and my mom beaded it-it looked almost exactly like the one there when she was finished.

    I realized after she beaded it what it reminded me of.

    Should have bought it.