The Ring

Like any bride (should be)
I'm madly in love with my ring.

It is, without a question, the most fitting, perfect, lovely, "me" ring out there!

My favorite thing people say when they see it is "Claire, it's so you!"
I smile and get all warm and fuzzy inside :)
Because that's exactly how I feel about it.

If I were a ring, I'd be my ring.

K well as you can see I'm obviously obsessed with this little gem of mine.

and if you aren't madly in love with it yet...
let me muse you with the history of this ring.
then I, and my ring, will surely win you over :)

{if you are already convinced that this ring is just wonderful, feel free to skip this rather lengthy, wordy, somewhat of a "brag" description of my ring and go straight to the photos, cause thats all we want anyway right?! PHOTOS!}

My wonderful mother {oh boy she is wonderful....} has quite the collection of jewelry. Being a jewelry lover, she inherited a lot of pieces from relatives. I being a jewelry lover myself, spent hours in my moms dozens of jewelry boxes carefully trying each piece on and imagining which outfit I'd base around it {so me, I know}. Amongst all her lovely jewels was a blue box. {The perfect shade of blue mind you.} And inside this box was a very lovely ring. I would try it on {on a very particular finger of course} look in the mirror and admire it. It was simple yet elegant. Simple in that it had a single diamond and elegant in that the diamond sat upon an ornate "basket", ya know, with all those details you just don't see anymore. I don't remember at what age I became obsessed with the blue box and the pretty ring, but I was probably about 15 {yes, still playing "dress-up" in my mother's jewelry box} when I tried that ring on my finger {for the hundredth time} and realized that I truly loved it. I decided right then and there that that ring, was to be my wedding ring someday. Of course I had to have my mother's permission first. And of course she said yes {although very much loved by her, she never wore it}. She probably didn't know how serious I was about the silly ring in the blue box.

But serious I was.

So this past summer, some 5 years later, the ring was brought up once again.
Not because of Brandon {hadn't fallen in love with him yet}
Not because of marriage was on my mind {far from it}
But because that ring, would not get out of my silly head.

And so it was decided. I spoke with my mother once again who shared with me the history of the beloved ring. It belonged to her dad's mother {her grandmother, my great-grandmother}Christine Farney Corbett. She was a petit lady, only 5 ft tall, with immaculate taste and chubby fingers. I know she had immaculate taste because we still have some of her clothes. And oh boy are they gorgeous! {I keep trying to find an occasion to squeeze myself into something of hers....engagement pictures perhaps?!} And I knew she had chubby fingers because as delicate as this little ring is, it was rather large: easily fit over my thumb. Well my mother told me all sorts of stories about her Grandmother. Of how she married her sweetheart May 24th, 1925 in Idaho Falls, and how much she loved her and all the while, I'm falling even more madly in love with the ring. Not only is it gorgeous! But it had a history! {and in case you haven't noticed...i'm kinda into that}.

so it was official.
I had my wedding ring LONG before talk of a wedding began.

And even before talk of wedding was brought up between B and I,
the ring was.
{a story for another time}

Brandon loves this ring maybe just as much as I do.
Which is very "neat" to me.
Because he loves it for the very reasons I do.

And that, ladies and ladies {I doubt any gentlemen, besides my gentleman, care for such things, let alone read my blog} is the history, the love, and the legacy of, what I'm so proud to now call:
my ring.

now for some photos!
{that can't really do justice to the ring, but they do try...}

{B put it in this lovely vintage box he got on Ebay. My favorite color! Perfect. He knows I love details like this....}

{the details make me go "ga ga". :)

"gasp!" I know right?!

**fun little detail, B and I will be married June 25th 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple. Only 1 month, 1 day (and 85 years) after my Great Grandmother.


  1. gorgeous! and yes--very you. :) Part of the reason i LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring is because it's not just mine--it also belongs to 4 other women from a long line of Brutons. Vintage/Family=the best.


    congrats again. :D

  2. I love the ring! So pretty! & I loooove a vintage engagement shoot! My husband & I just finished shooting a very Art Deco wedding & it was gorgeous! I can't wait to see more wedding details unfold!!

  3. this is something I'd love on my own finger. SO cute. I love rings with small details and long histories! Oh, and I meant to tell you about a vintage sale in Provo, but it was a busy weekend. Maybe you've already heard how that music joint, Velour, on University Ave and about 200 N will have a vintage flea market sale now and again? I love going to it! All SORTS of knick knacks. I even saw old cameras and thought of you. So if you don't find out for yourself whenever the next one is, I'll for sure let you know if I find out! Congrats again! Perfect ring.

  4. shut your mouth. That is Uuuuuhmazing!!! Wow!! What a wonderful story!! I just love it! Oooh my gosh, you and I are SO alike. I almost got my ring from an estate sale. Ha. but it makes is SO much more special if it has a history behind it. ESPECIALLY if its family history. Anywho, I love you. Miss you.