when I grow up

I want to

own a furniture refurnishing business run an antique shop start a floral company master film photography restore old houses design a line of vintage gowns get a letterpress write children's books equivalent to "Betsy, Tacey, and Tib" become a wedding planner a food critique a mother

{I've unfortunately added a few more things to my Dreamer's List. There are way too many things I want to do, try, master. . . and barely any I can afford ($) to even take a shot at. And most of them so obscure I'm not even sure where I'd start?! But that's why it's called my Dreamer's List. It's the dream. And I can only hope that some of it comes true.}

*photo of me, 1 year ago, taken by my wonderful mother
(dancers, please don't judge...it's been a while...)


  1. so want to own a letterpress. OH so BAD! love the list.

  2. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

  3. Dang. You have visible muscles in your legs. I'm jealous. And I love that picture. I still have a dreamers list!