you aren't allowed to be healthy on holidays

{so much for my healthiness.}

Brandon just had to be a sweetheart and get me a box of chocolates.

The only other time I had a box of chocolates all to myself was in the 8th grade.
A boy filled my locker (who knows how he got in there) with all sorts of things:
  • a teddy bear
  • box of chocolates
  • roses
  • a love letter
I had no interest in this boy. I couldn't even keep the chocolates cause I felt so bad eating them.

not this time!
This time i hoarded them all to myself! and i refused to share until i had a bite out of every single one so i could keep the very best ones for myself. (valentines day....what a selfish holiday right?)

Ha i know I'm silly but ever since i saw legally blonde i've wanted to do that: take a bite out of every piece of chocolate.

And thanks to B, I finally had the chance!

{he's just making all my dreams, even the silliest ones, come true :)}

hope everyone had a fantastic valentines day full of yummy fatty foods, pretty pinks and reds, and everything heart-shaped!


p.s. musings on our vegas adventure coming soon!
p.p.s. two extremely important and very exciting things happened this past week! can't wait to share!
p.p.p.s. you should probably be prepared for a post-overload!!!


  1. One time I went to a white elephant party and one of the gifts was a box of chocolates with a bite out of every one. Now, just tuck that one away for time when you need a good idea and you can thank me later. It was the talk of the town.

  2. hahah that is a brilliant idea!!!
    thanks auntie