love is in the air (and the blogging world)

This is not something I normally do,
but I couldn't help but notice.... love is in the air?!
{and in the blogging world}

do you feel it?
are you in it?

I feel it.
I'm in it.
{te he he that is so fun to say}

apparently lots of other people are too!

shall we indulge for a moment?
lets do!

Although i have a myriad (whoa big word) of blogs i regularly stalk, here a select few of my favorites because they all focus on LOVE.

LOVE for life
Jalene is a hoot! Her posts have so much truth to them. She's not afraid to be herself. (and it makes sense why...cause she's like way totally cool.
oh and she's engaged! which is such a happy thing to be (at least thats what I hear)

LOVE for the little things
duh. who doesn't stalk this blog right? This blog was actually what made me decide to start a blog! I love how she shares her life in D.C. totally love her bangs. has an adorable hubby and the cutest pug dog ever!

LOVE for thought
this girl is a poet. I adore reading her posts because she has the ability to make words say exactly what she wants them to! (something i have yet to master). currently she's writing about different forms of "love". and she's in love, the same kind of love I'm in :)

LOVE for each other
pretty sure this girl is my long lost twin! we've become such great friends through the blogging world! She's a newly wed, headband maker, elephant lover and life appreciator. Love her musings! She loves her hubby :)

LOVE for mankind
Shanley is an angel. She's my age and already changing the world. She focuses her love on helping other people and has done a lot of research and help for the relief in Haiti. She truly has a heart of gold, she's one of those people you want to emulate.

stalking can be unhealthy. But i assure you stalking these blogs will only do good for you :) You'll be happier, laugh more, be more inspired, look for love in your life, focus on the positive. These peeps are my kind of peeps.


p.s. can i just tell you how excited i am for my little trip!?
I'm about to pee my skirt (yup, always in a skirt...) just thinking about it!

p.p.s. hey readers! Have any good blogs to stalk? How about your blog?! I'd love to hear about them!

*photo by me, (one fine day)


  1. http://amorologyweddings.blogspot.com/

    LOVE this site. Great photos, great ideas....just happy. :)

  2. claire, oh my...i'm not going to lie...I love your blog...pretty sure I stalk it haha! Glad I'm not the only blog stalker around. By the way, you are an amazing photographer!

  3. I have TONS of blog stalks. I love http://pacingthepanicroom.blogspot.com/

    he's an aspiring photographer as well with the cutest lil' kids ever.

  4. I am a fan of




    AND Yours!

  5. claire im roommates with brooke and kristen from freshmam year and love to look at your blog! i really do feel like a stalker because i think we only met a couple times but i think its so cute!

    one of my fave blogs is youaremyfave.com.
    your photos are amaaaazing as well!

  6. so... I just saw you quoted Jalene "as she thinketh"... thats my aunt!
    she is pretty awesome huh?
    ha ha, small world

  7. my blog is cute... but mostly just cause my baby is cute :D


  8. I just saw this! thank you, friend - your words are very kind.

  9. I got your email - and I can't stop thinking about how encouraging it was. I am going to write you back, I just have been crazy with midterms and barely keeping up. But thank you, a thousand times thank you!