BIg News in the Thorley Home!

2 very big things happened this last week!

{drum roll please}

My dearest and only brother proposed!
To the lovely Brittany!

I'm so happy for them!
And I'm so excited to have a new sister!

My dear and only kid sister, Carmen, got accepted to BYU!!
woot woot :)

we are very excited about this!!
especially the Carm-alarm
it was a worrisome process and she's stoked to be done with it

{little does she know...it's just the beginning...}

we Thorleys are feeling pretty cool with all these big happenings happening!

p.s. happy birthday Dane....(January 28th....) sorry it's so belated. all you get is this shout out. No news beats this post :)

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  1. These are both such good newses that I'm not sure which I'm most happy about. Super happy times in the Thorley house for sure! Is your mother still breathing?