a MacGyver of sorts

After B and my first date, we went to his house after and in his room he had a collection of old things such as pocket watches, old crates, and.....cameras.

Naturally I found this very attractive.

like really, really attractive. He loves old things?! I love old things?! where do I sign!? (ok ok so obviously a lot more goes into loving someone than similar interests....but it was a good start)

together we have quite the collection of cameras.
{someday, when i finish naming them, i'll share them all with you, I promise}

for now,
meet our newest addition to the family:

I hereby name him the MacGyver

on our mini trip to vegas, my wonderful Aunt Steph gave him to me! {she's seen me eying him for who knows how long}. I'm extremely grateful :) Cause I'm madly in love with him.

B and I were tinkering around with him and realized we could take a picture of the image that's seen! we sorta, MacGyvered, if you will, a picture from it.

Someday we'll get it a-workin for real.
But for now it's kinda fun to take pictures like this!!


  1. That was your great-grandma Defabaugh's camera. She would appreciate you loving it, I'm sure!

  2. you should see my husband's large format. it's the kind with the bellows that you have to pull a sheet over your head and everything!

  3. i love old stuff too! you guys are perfect for each other! what an awesome camera, love it!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love this camera! And I love old things. Specifically cameras. My uncle has a bunch of these, and I am so jealous!

    Adorable blog! (I'm dating a B as well!)