Valentines 2010

(my valentines card to B, found at local antique shop. It expresses my feelings perfectly)
wink, wink, nudge, nudge

I'm finally getting around to posting photos from our little Vegas get-away. Really, it shouldn't have taken so long...since we only took maybe 5 pics?! And only 1 has us in it. I guess I just like looking at him even more than I like looking through a lens.

Anyway Vegas was just a blast! Although I have to admit, we weren't at all impressed with the strip. Maybe thats because we are who we are. And who we are is not partiers (atleast in Vegas' definition of partiers). The gambling...just plain stupid. The drinking scene...not our things. The glitz and the glam...just a bit much for us. The shopping...only fun when you have money.

So basically,
we walked around for a bit. looked completely out of place (matchy match plaid shirts and cowboy getup.) did do a little window shopping, but no buy. Laughed at all the billboards of lawyers and magic trick guys. People watched.

We got lost about a million and 1 times. no joke. (and we even had a GPS with a british accent)
The getting lost part might have been the best.

B is my favorite person to get lost with :)

We also....
watched tons of movies! (one with our least favorite actor in it...Nicolas Cage) Saw "Valentines Day" in theaters (ah...so so)Watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Laid out (I actually got some sun!)hot tubbed till we turned to prunes lazed around got spoiled rotten by my Aunt Steph told funny stories of our lives before "us" laughed so hard I cried ate In n Out (twice!) said "I love you" every other sentence (or so it seemed) and it never got old. linked arms 24/7 (cause B said I'm a weird hand holder...which I totally don't get. I mean you hold the hand? That's it?! How could I be doing it wrong?!)



conservatory ceiling, Bellagio

loved the vegas style In N Out sign.

somehow we ended up in NY

and we're still confused at how we got to paris

favorite part of the Bellagio conservatory: the floor.)

the one pic of us. Isn't it glorious?!

It was a perfect valentines day


  1. Yeah you're a weird hand-holder. But I like linking arms because it's more swagger-ish. ..And it pulls you in closer to me.
    Vegas. Ha. Not our kinda place. I'm just glad I was there with you.

  2. And although Nicholas Cage is pretty much our least favorite actor, he's kind of our favorite in a way. If you label his movies "action/adventure" the way they were intended, Then it's no good. But if you label them "comedy"...
    ...I mean, we've had some good laughs, y'know?

  3. I'm a proud sister of Nicolas Cage haters. Also, I'm a little disappointed that you were in the Bellagio and I haven't heard until now. What the heck Claire, you should know by now that that is one of my favorite places. Glad you guys had fun though and got to be spoiled by Steph.... really though. Love you guys.