I'm a proud employee of:

so I thought I'd let you know a little special we have going on...

Here's the deal: schedule an appointment with ME to personal shop with YOU!Appointments last 30 min. and I'll pick out outfits and pieces for you in advance. {it truly makes the whole shopping experience a complete breeze.}

so I know you are all thinking shopping with me is like the greatest deal ever right?! hahah (i flatter myself) But the really cool part of it is you get 25% off regular priced items!

Now thats a deal right?!

This is perfect for anyone who's
  • getting married (think bridesmaid dresses/ grooms suit/ etc.)
  • wardrobe needs a smooth transition into spring (we just got our new line in!)
  • had bad jean shopping experiences (we've got every possible fit and style)
  • wanting to spruce up their wardrobe with quality clothes at a great price!

{oh gee...i totally sound like a commercial....not my intention i swear}

My real intention is just to inform. I'll admit, i wasn't a Banana believer. I'm a bargain shopper. I didn't think "Banana" and "Bargain" could be used in the same sentence.

oh but they can!

so if you are interested email me at cathorley@gmail.com
  • name
  • phone number
  • best time for appointments (fri or sat)
  • interests (dresses, jeans, etc.)
  • sizes in shirts/pants/dress
And I'll get back to you!

check out these new looks I'm lovin!

(cutest blouse probably in the entire world)

(love the hat!)

(i wish it came with the dog...)

and more here


  1. Oh, you have no idea how much I need you. Do you sell old auntie-lady clothes? Because if you did, I would jump on over in a heartbeat and make you style me up. Goodness knows I need some style. And, that is a very cute blouse...

  2. oh, how i would love to do this.

  3. I'm interested!!
    But... can you use Gap gift cards there??

  4. :( no gap gift cards. sorry. But hey they are doing a 40% off wednesdays in march! thats a killer deal right?! let me know if you want more details :)