nothing says i love you like...

a trip to sin city right?!

B and I decided the combination of

school taking over our lives
valentines day
a long weekend
(thank goodness for presidents)

could only = one thing:

a much needed VACA

so...........of all places we decided Las Vegas would be the absolute most romantic place to have our little get-away!

{ha...so jk on the romantic perfectness of the place}

truth is, I have an amazing Aunt and Uncle who live in Vegas who spoil me rotten. We will be spending the weekend with them :)

I'm sooooooo excited! B and I are working extra hard to get all our HW, studies and tests out of the way so we can really enjoy the weekend. (smart thinking right? but for the time being it's killing me. I haven't seen him in what feels like forever (it's been 2 days...)

since the trip to vegas is kinda our "gift" to each other, we aren't really doing the "gift" thing this valentines day. Which is totally just fine with me (i've never been a fan of the over-sized plush animals). What I really want is TIME with the boy. And that's what i'll get! a whopping 4 days of him all to myself! what more could I want really?

but still...I have this itching inside of me to do a little something else for him....
I was thinking maybe a coupon book of love?!

Any ideas!?
Any fun plans for the long weekend/lovers day?

ah...I love: love...


  1. One of the best presents I ever gave my husband was a book i made with my very own home made paper and leather bound with songs, poems and things that reminded me of him. It's actually super easy, just time consuming. I could tell you how.


  2. Derek LOVES homemade bread. A homemade yummy something is always good...
    I wish our plans were as exciting as yours! have fun!

  3. oh you do gooders and your DIY projects! Angie, that book sounds amazing! and Jen, i love me some good homemade bread as well....good ideas! I'd love recipes and instructions!! (i may have to save the book thing for his birthday or something though...)