images of christmas

{traditional stair climb christmas morning}

Mommy's pretty new picture
Le premier chagrin (The First Grief) by Daniel Ridgway Knight

{my happy new friend}

{baby claire}
i want to know who DIDN'T make one of these in elementary school

{traditional applesauce puffs}

naturally, Santa brought Carmen Jones Soda {her favorite}

Brandon's fantastic wrapping job

Mom's Christmas dinner table setting

dad's traditional Christmas evening pose.
{yes, that's a stocking on his head}

Hope all had a very merry Christmas with those you love most!


  1. I love Christmas morning! It is my favorite part and I'm not talking gifts. I love the stair climb with dominant Dane, the applesauce puffs, dad napping! I LOVE IT ALL!!

  2. O MY HEAVENS! I just discovered your blog and I adore it! & and you & and your adorable boy

  3. I also just found your blog and read all the way back to like October! You are a great photographer, and your blog is so cute!