Dear 2009,

I cried when I wrote a check today. (yes, paying rent does do that to me) but it was because instead of writing 2009, I wrote 2010. My feelings of you leaving are so mixed. As sad as I am to see you go, I couldn't ask for a better time to start a new year. I needed some new in my life, and although this new year will bring many new changes (some really big and good ones, I expect), I'm really hoping some things don't change. For example, I hope the appreciation and love I gained for my family this last year only gets bigger. I hope to always be able to spend time with them. They are amazing, wonderful, talented, funny, caring, brilliant, loving people, and I learned that more this year, than any other thus far.

2009, you brought a lot of challenges. I've never been tested so much in my life, nor had my weaknesses spelled out so perfectly for me. But from each experience, I've learned, I've become stronger, and I've developed a greater appreciation for all those little things in my life. Some pretty big/great/fantastic things happened this year as well: Thanks 2009, for letting me turn 20! (i'd been waiting for a good 6 years for that day). And for opening my eyes to a love for photography (I don't see that changing anytime soon). And one super duper big thanks for showing me how to fall in love. although it took a couple heartbreaks to get there, it was well worth it. I know what love is. and it's amazing. I guess I just want to say thanks 2009, without you i'd be a year younger, a year less experienced in life, but most of all a year lost. I needed that year, just as much as I need this next one.

2009, thanks for doing your job!

I'll never be able to forget you,
{nor do I want to}


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