Today marks the 23rd anniversary of my parents marriage. 23 years of hard work together. 23 years of making our family so fabulous. 23 years of lovin. and let me tell you, there is no doubt in my mind that these two are in love. I see it more and more everyday. I can see it by how they treat each other, by what they do for each other, and by how they talk to one another. They are the truest examples of selfless love i've known.

They've had 23 years of fun and more to come!

*take a look at these old photos of them during their early dating. I love them :)
steve+kennedy = la la la love

cave hiking


(dad, such a goof :)

isn't my mother gorgeous?! bangs and all?

(this is so my mother's personality)

(my favorite old picture of them!)

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