S.B.S. episode #1

(Shoulda Been Studying)

instead, I took Henry on a tour around my apartment.
Here's what we found:

a few of the bottles I collect used as vases

fun pillows (or as kaitlyn claims I call them: PELLows)
*sissy handmade the Eiffel Tower one for me :)

our polka-dotted cabinets.
(I can't believe i took the time to cut all those circles out...)

fridge: pictures include proof of the freshman 15, boys we at one time fought over, and multiple wedding announcements (eeek)

movies I adore

rubber ducks. keep us company in the ladies room

books dying to be read and a dictionary I really should become better friends with

toy truck I've had for years. someday I'll drive one just like it. Only a little bit bigger

mr. "squeeze-me-when-you're-stressed" man. comes in handy

kara's lovely fragrance collection

sticky notes of love

captain Moroni.
we will all marry one of him someday...

Lala's life savings

oldies pictures of our childhood.
yes that's me top & bottom left :)
and yes, we've been friends that long!

the clock that tells time two times a day
(knowing the time isn't motivation enough for us to buy batteries)

my seahorse sheets that i ADORE

the tins I keep my lactose pills in

staples of our diet

the chocolate fix
(thanks to Kara, we now know oreos are at their finest when frozen)
*this is a roommate favorite

notes to self.
that I ignore, and blog instead.


  1. I relish this little peek into your home away from home! Simple pleasures are the best!

  2. i love those notes to self. i need to keep more of those around!