Ray of Sun

This is Rachel, my cousin.
she is from st. louis
she is a senior.
she is a cougar fan.
she is a gorgeous girl (inside and out)
she is a smarty pants.
she is a hoot and a hollar.
i love her.

Dear Rachy,
I had sooo much fun with you in Utah! Oh my goodness how you've grown! we are going to have way to much fun when you come out here for school :) thanks for playing with me!
cousin kitty


  1. I am just LOVING all these different styles and places you went for the ol' photo shoot! You totally rock, Miss Kitty! We are waiting for the CD to come in the mail so we can see them all. I'm still debating if I like the headbandey look however - I love the styling and surroundings but not sure I want to print out pics of Rach as Pocohontas. And that one in the white blouse kind of looks Amish, but its very cute regardless. And, lots of people here think that Mormons are Amish, so maybe I'll just print it out anyway and really confuse them! So, many choices and wonderful pictures to love! You sure do have some talent, girlie girl!!!! Thanks for taking time out of your already busy schedule (of loving your beau) to love on my Rachie poo! And by the way - you made a lovely Halloween Amelia!

  2. These pictures are so fun. I love the variety. Rachel is a stunning model. You really are good! I'm hiring for our next wedding - which I hope will not be anytime soon!