M & M 2009

The wonderful Michelle and Sam put on quite the lovely halloween party yesterday afternoon.
there were:
  • treats galore
  • clever costumes
  • contests
fun. fun. fun.
my family/friends are way too cool for school.
(for proof see pics below)

professor plum + ms. peacock

the hansen crew

the newsie + amelia

the popular social networking program

the egyptian beauties
(meagan made these!)

the perfect "Boo"

the sumos
tooo funny!

truman won best costume.
and it's no question why. :)

the lumberjacks

the witch
aka: lovely michelle who "magically" pulled it all together

1 comment:

  1. I hate living far away from all things fun.

    I love Professor Plum and Ms. Peacock the most!

    But Truman was to die for as well. Love that boy!