FAMILY isn't it about....TIME!

My one and only brother is home! Life couldn’t be better ☺ Dane Ross Thorley (what a sturdy name!) just returned from his mission in Pusan South Korea this last Wednesday. Boy was it a joyful moment to see him coming down the escalator! I started clapping in a “praise the Lord” sort of fashion. Luckily the rest of the family was too consumed in the emotion to notice my embarrassing behavior. My mother got to him first (and rightfully so). I think the held onto him for a lifetime. He looked so great! (and still does….ladies he’s single. And quite the catch, I can vouch.)
He really is and always has been my biggest example. I used to follow him around with ninja turtle underwear on my head just because he did. I wanted to be JUST like him. And through he’s letters, and his experiences he’s shared, I still do. He’s an amazing man, he’s got a rock solid testimony, a faith that is so strong MIRACLES HAPPEN. He truly is an amazing example of a disciple of Christ.
So Happy to have you home DANE!!!

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