Save the Bees!

I’ve always been sensitive to insects.  Although I do find them gross, irritating, etc. I have a hard time killing them (with the exception of spiders).  Because my mother loves to keep the front door open in the summer (only in Utah…J) the bees find their way into our home and inevitably get stuck in a window.  I hear them buzzing around and bumping into the glass over and over again and my heart hurts for them!  They are so helpless! 

So I save them. 

How to save a Bee
Step 1: grab a glass/jar
Step 2: grab a piece of paper
Step 3: target the bee
*if the bee is not in a trappable position try soothing him with kind words, they often listen to you.
Step 4: carefully and quickly place glass/jar over bee
Step 5: slide paper under glass
Step 6: don’t freak out (the bee will think you are trying to hurt him, so he gets a little antsy) hahah no pun
Step 7: free the bee by placing the glass/jar outside your home by a pot of lovely flowers or a garden so he can orient himself easily. 
*don’t forget to run back into your home fast, sometimes the bee is a little angry!

Yay! back into his natural habitat!

(yeah...he was a big one)

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  1. My little Mother Theresa! And, yes, that bee was bee-normous!! Good job Clairy!