while you were out...

B and I are still at my parents house.
we've been watching way too much tv and getting fat.
besides that it hasn't been much of a vacation.
school. work. school. work. school. work.
we are kinda ready to go back home.

But before we head back to the cupboard, we decided that we'd do a full blown make-over in one of my parents rooms (my old bedroom). We are talking painting walls the opposite color, moving beds around from 3 different rooms, pulling out buried furniture from the shed etc. etc. As I type this I can envision my mother's friends reading this and thinking if their own child even attempted such a thing they'd:
(fill in blank with some sort of torture to inflict).

i know.

but i've watched my fair share of TLC. And I happen to know my mother trusts my opinion on these sorts of things. And although she will be completely surprised, I doubt she will be shocked since we had mentioned doing this sort of thing in the past.

plus, how mad can she be from changing
this color

(my old room. note that this photo was taken 2 years ago. now it's basically turned into a giant storage closet. not cute dresser or bedspread or suitcases. just icky green and a full bed and a bunch of junk.)

to this color!
(inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums)

ok in all honestly I'm a little nervous about what she'll think....

I'll be posting the before and after photos next week....that is if I survive potential punishment

wish me luck?