vacationing with the stars

B and I are enjoying extra leg room this week. We've deserted our 300 sq. ft. cupboard to house sit for my parents while they enjoy the sunshine in the cayman islands (and we suffer snow storms...). We'll probably gain lots of weight cause there is an endless supply of food here, not to mention many-a-neighbors who would willingly feed us. There is also a dishwasher. food. Washer and dryer. food. TV. TV set. food. heater THAT WORKS. did I mention food? It's not like B and I starve usually...it's just when you have to spend $200 on art supplies over the weekend (true and very sad story) you have to think not just twice but 3 times about what you are going to buy (although my teacher did say I could totally van gough it up and eat my paints. they aren't toxic?)

starving college student has a whole new meaning now....

home feels so good :)

And we are trying to treat it like a vacation of our own. We've had ourselves lots of food (key for a good vaca right?) and have plans to watch lots of movies! Old classics to be exact :) My mom really spoiled us, we came home to a collection of oldies classics!

I love me some old movies. Something about the simplicity of black and white, the innocents of 2 twin beds, humor with class, girls in dresses and gents with parts in their hair....

oh how I wish we could be like Lucy and Ricky, roaming the highways of USA in one of these:

now thats what I call vacationing!
(we secretly wish we would have done this for our honeymoon)
until we take our dream vaca, we'll be living in the movies

do you have a favorite classic?
Please share!


  1. an affair to remember will always & be my forever favorite classic.

  2. This is I'm aware a bit childish, but I'd like to consider the jungle book as a classic... I just identify with Mowgli hahah

    Oh and a trailer/backpacking honeymoon is so happening. Future hubby just have to accept.

  3. GREAT movies your mama left you! I love Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! That Elizabeth Tailor..
    My favorites include,
    Anything with Audrey or Katherine Hepburn.
    Anything with Judy Garland, Fred Astaire.
    I love Tiffany's,
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,
    Pillow Talk,
    Blue Hawaii,
    Old Hitchcock movies,
    Bringing up Baby,
    Guys and Dolls,
    It's a Wonderful Life (makes me cry everytime)
    Gone With The Wind
    Star Wars (DUH)
    and of course, I'm a sucker for musicals.

  4. As a teenager, I was obsessed with Lucille Ball. And I adored The Long, Long Trailer. I love ALL old movies, but these are my faves: http://jesslynann.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/top-5-movies/

  5. O this just reminds me of the Nifty Fifties "I am a rebel with a cause! There ain't no doubt!

  6. one of my favorites is how to steal a million.

    and many more like brady bunch. ha

    and cary grant. i love him

  7. Pillow Talk. It's Doris Day and Rock Hudson. I love love love it. I could watch it every day and never get sick of it. It's witty and would have been a bit scandalous for that time, but I positively adore it.

  8. Another vote for Pillow Talk. And any Doris Day. I also love Lucy. And Audrey. Thanks for tending the fort for us, sweetie!